torsdag 20 december 2012

Endurance Sports and Overachievers

I've referred before to overachievers (often with children; as in this Wall Street Journal article) who train some twelve-hours-plus per week to participate in IronMan triathlons. Here's another blog post in A Trailrunner's Blog referring to this article in Fortune Magazine. Marathon runners and triathletes often earn quite a high income. 

But then there is this comment in the blog that's just baffled me: "the Ironman guys once told me that the average regular Ironman athlete spends $22,000/year on the sport." How is that possible? Assume one starts with nothing: a good tribike costs $3000, wetsuit $800, running gear and miscellaneous stuff (bike shoes, etc.) $500, is nowhere close to 22k. Race fees + travel + hotel, $4000, for a far away race with expensive airfare (and airfare for the bike), that would constitute the season's A-race. In addition a few other races $500 (I never pay more than $100/per race including transportation). Now we're up to $8800 and that's including the bike. Of course, the sky is the limit regarding the bike price, including racing wheels $2000 a pop, but on the other hand, hardly anyone would buy a bike every year, so there must be something else here. Coaching, gym and fees. I paid less than $50 per session and my pool membership costs less than $300/year. My figures would suggest a huge amount of coaching, >$10000 worth, which is probably too much.

No I think triathlon doesn't have to be that expensive. But it certainly could be time consuming, time is money, perhaps.

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