fredag 21 oktober 2011

Triathlon från början

Den här artikeln diskuterar hur man kan få yngre college-studenter intresserade av triathlon och vad det krävs för att börja: Framför allt talang i simning, men även löpning. Här är några av skälen till att de inte är intresserade av cycklingstalang på den här nivån:

1) Many collegiate recruits don’t own a bike, or if they do, the quality of it would be of such a variance between athletes that it would be hard to compare them apples to apples.

4) Cycling of the three disciplines is the least skills specific. With an engine developed from the swim or run, which are much harder for anyone to pick up at the elite level, we believe we can train them to think and ride like a cyclist.

5) None of our Olympians have come from a pure cycling background.

8) As a side note, I have found so far that swimmers pick up the bike more quickly than runners. The emphasis on the kick in the pool, as well as power off the walls, already gives them an edge over runners and their skinny legs.

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